Open Mind Meditation

Give it a go!

Here at OPT we love discovering and practicing new types of meditation. Many types of mediation have some kind of focus which allows us to transcend our thinking mind. These are great for if you are new to meditation or for at the start of a practice to anchor yourself in to the present moment or clear you mind or for if you have a particular focus in mind.

Before trying the open mind mediation, I suggest doing the following in order to first get into the zone:

Sit comfortably, or lay down with a straight back. Start by taking three long deep breaths in and out. On the out breath you can give a big sigh and feel your whole body relaxing. Notice the moments between each breath and the quality of your breaths – are they short, long, deep or shallow? Do not judge anything as good or bad. Recognise it, and let it be. Tell yourself that everything is just as it should be in this moment. Count your breaths from 1-10 a few times to clear your mind. Breath naturally and effortlessly and feel your body melt deeper into the meditation with every out breath.

The above can be used as the start or basis for any meditation you do and is designed to anchor you to the present moment.

Once you have performed the above you can start the open mind meditation.

This meditation practice is full acceptance of whatever the present mind has to offer, so the idea is to not direct our attention in any particular way.  

We simply choose to sit and watch whatever enters our consciousness.

Any thought, sensation, sound, emotion or memory. Let it rise up but do not react to it, label it or judge it as positive or negative.

In open mind meditation you do not know where your mind will lead you and in this unknowing you must find peace and acceptance. Let your mind shift to wherever it chooses, be it to the sensations in your body, a past memory, or what you are going to have for dinner.

Sit in this state for as long you want. Let your thoughts and feelings come and go as they please. Always without judgement and reaction. This can take some practice but the longer you sit the easier you will be able to drift effortlessly between these different states of awareness.

This practice can open up your creative juices and let you connect better with the flow of life. It can also allow you to accept certain feelings and let them go, or allow you tune into your intuition, which is the greatest tool you have for figuring out any uncertainties in your life.

What are you waiting for? Find a quiet space, get comfortable, and open your mind! 5-10 minutes is all you need!

Have a lovely day :) let me know how you get on or if you have any questions!

Lucy x