My Coaching Philosophy

Hello there!

Today, I wanted to share my beliefs and attitudes that make up my business and the way in which I coach my clients. I think it is important to share this so you can see how and if my values align with yours before choosing me as your trainer,

Before I explain the elements that make up my philosophy I want to touch on why I think we should all have a personal philosophy, a philosophy of life, in other words.

“Going through life without a philosophy is like seeking happiness without knowing what it is, or what it looks like.”

A philosophy of life is your overall vision toward life; your morals, and your purpose. It consists of the elements that allow you to live your best life, based on the essence of who are you are and your values. It is directly linked to the reason you believe that you exist.

If you feel lost in life, or have problems making decisions, a philosophy can help give you answers and bring more meaning to your life. You can discover what is really important to you, and stop filling your time up with meaningless distractions.

Everyone lives by a philosophy. although they may not realise this. This is because the majority of people are living by someone else’s. In other words, people are living by the thoughts and behaviours that they have been conditioned to believe are the correct way to live.

Writing my coaching philosophy has inspired me to write my own personal philosophy. By doing so I am confident that I can always make the best decisions in life, for me, and continue to live in a way that honours my true essence. This way, wherever life takes me, I can know that I have been true to myself and that is all I need to be successful.

In time I will share some parts of my personal philosophy. But for now, here is my coaching philosophy. This is my first draft. It will no doubt evolve over time, just as everything does.

If you feel as though my business philosophy aligns somewhat with your personal one and you would like help achieving your health and wellness goals, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to know what you think. Please feel free to leave a comment below :)


My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is based around the belief of mindful training which includes the following elements. These elements are what form the basis of all my coaching sessions and are what I believe to be important.

Safety and Care - As a trainer I genuinely want to help my clients, and this means not harming their bodies and delivering a high level or care at all times. Therefore, special attention will be paid toward the form of each movement I ask of them. I will always endeavor to help every client in improving the quality of their movement through consistent guidance and education and only ever ask them to do something I feel will be safe for them and beneficial, not only in helping them achieving their goals but also toward their state of mind.  

Balance – The ultimate goal is to create balance in the body and mind. Postural and fitness evaluations are available as part of my service so that exercises can be incorporated into all exercise plans in order to correct any imbalances in the client’s body. My method of mindful training is intended to encourage each of my clients to bring their focus into the present moment while training which will help to balance the mind and give better access to intrinsic motivation and intuition. To compliment this, further mindfulness practices, including meditation, are on offer as part of any of my training packages.

Gratitude – All training will be done with a sense of gratitude for the client’s current level of health and fitness and for the environment in which we train. Outdoor training means we can take advantage of the natural world and give thanks to the wonder of nature. I endeavor to create and encourage a positive mind-set during my sessions and lead my clients to focus on all the things their body and mind can do and never in what is perceived as lacking.   

Individuality – I encourage all my clients to listen to their intuition and their own bodies in order to discover what methods work best for them.  I will create plans, offer recommendations and provide solutions to my clients based around their individual goals and abilities. Ultimately the client has control over the sessions, within the guidelines of my professional capabilities.

Honesty - It is of upmost importance to me to always communicate fully and honestly with my clients and connect with them on a personal level. My aim is that through complete transparency my clients will get to know me as a person and be able to relate to me. I want this relatability to inspire my clients and give them the confidence to be completely honest and open in return, so we can build a relationship based on trust and mutual goals.

Enjoyment - The main focus of all my services is to create an experience in which my clients and I can enjoy the present moment. I believe that by being as present as possible with my clients and encouraging them to be so too, by constantly bringing their attention to things such as their form and breathing and the beauty around us, I can create incredible shifts in people’s lives. The enjoyment and focus will be in the little things. In all the individual smaller steps that are taken toward the end goal. I endeavor to not only create enjoyment in my sessions but to help clients create more joy in their everyday lives.


Please send me an email if you would like to learn more about my philosophy or if you have any other questions about my services and what I can do to help you :)

Happy Hump-Day friends! I hope wherever you are in the world, you have some sunshine - and if you do, please send some to Sydney for me!

Lucy x