Mindful Fitness for Business

Our mindful fitness method can benefit your business by helping your employees to become more mindful, energetic, stress-free and happy.

At OPT we understand that the corporate world is a high paced and often high pressured environment. We also understand the time constraints that the modern day person has to deal with and that’s why we bring all our sessions to you. Sessions can be held in a room of your choice within your facility or outside in a nearby suitable area, such as a park.

You can schedule the sessions at a time that suits you, be it in the morning before the start of the working day, at lunch time, or at the end of the day.

Our aim is simple: to help your employees to become less stressed, more joyful, healthier mentally and physically and in turn more efficient and better at their jobs.

What can we offer your business?

Postural Assessments

Many jobs, especially those where an employee is sat a desk for a long time, present a lot of postural problems. Bad posture can lead to many health problems so improving your employees posture, as well as there awareness of there posture can have lots of benefits.

Our posture coach will provide a full assessment and report with personalised recommendations of stretches and exercises that can be done to correct imbalances with ease and lead to better posture and overall fitness.

You can expect happier and healthier employees!

Mindful Fitness classes

Our classes are combination of meditation, body weight training and yoga and are designed to improve health and fitness as well as awareness of the present moment leading to heaps of other benefits, as explained in more detail below.


Mediation can reduce stress, improve sleep, alleviate anxiety and increase self awareness and attention span, among a long list of other benefits. If your employees incorporate just a short meditation session into their day you can expect them to be happier as well as more creative and energetic, leading to improved relationships, a more positive working environment and increased productivity.

Body weight training

Not only can resistance training bring about physical benefits such as improving posture, flexibility and balance but it can also improve mental and emotional health. A healthier and happier workforce will result in less sick days and more focused and productive employees.


Yoga is a great way to complement a meditation and resistance training session, amplifying the benefits of both. Yoga connects the mind, body and breath and much like mediation brings you into the present moment, making you more mindful. More mindful employees will perform tasks with more precision and attention therefore you can expect the quality of work they do to increase as more thought is put into each moment.


We also offer full or half day retreats for small groups which combine all of the above methods into a day away with nature. These retreats involve such things as group meditations by the sea or up in the hills, yoga on the beach, body weight training combined with walking/running sessions along trails and team building mindfulness games and challenges.


We can offer you a free mindful fitness class plus a free postural assessment for two of your employees!


Mindful Fitness Sessions from $100

Postural assessments from $50 per person

Half day retreats from $150 per person

Full day retreats from $250 per person