Mindful Fitness Classes

Ever tried meditating before a workout? Discover how it can help you focus and better achieve your health and fitness goals. Mindful Fitness Classes incorporate all the good stuff in one place: meditation, yoga, strength training, sunrises and sunsets, positive conversations and more. Meet new people, clear your mind, release some endorphins and get energised and inspired.

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Casual $25

Five pack $80 Ten pack $150

Monthly Unlimited $35 for the first month! (Usual price $75 per month)

Personal Training and mindfulness coaching

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Individual (one hour sessions) $70

Packages available from $260 per month

We like to take advantage of the world’s natural gym and train our clients outdoors as much as possible. Training outdoors, especially by the ocean, and appreciating nature, is an embodiment of our company values. Using the outdoors and minimal equipment encourages mindfulness, in the way that you exercise your body and mind.

At the core of achieving your goals is the practice of gratitude - for your body, and the amazing thing it can do, as well as the wonderful world around us. Our trainers work with you to deliver creative and inspiring training sessions that can help you achieve any fitness goal.

You can choose mindful training sessions which include ongoing meditation and mindfulness coaching as part of your training program.

Each program is personalised to fit your individual needs, therefore the balance between physical exercise and meditation and mindfulness coaching is entirely up to you.

All prices inclusive of a free postural assessment.

online mindful fitness coaching

Our Personal Training and Mindfulness Coaching is also available as an online service.

We will provide you with a complete online personalised training program including an initial one hour face to face consultation. This can be done in person, dependant on your location, or via an online video calling method. We pride ourselves on being able to provide this personalised service as we believe it is important to really get to know you before setting you up with an kind of program.

Once we have got to know you better we can start creating a sustainable plan around your lifestyle and goals.

What can you expect?

A monthly exercise regime, including techniques and videos to show you the correct way to perform each exercise. You will also receive weekly catch-ups with your coach via email to see how you are going, whether anything needs to be changed or if you need some extra motivation.

A half an hour meditation class with your coach. Again, this can be done online or in person. Your coach will lead a short guided meditation and teach you some techniques to get you started on your own.

A monthly meditation and mindfulness schedule with suggested tools and resources to get you started. Scheduling in healthy habits such as meditation and mindfulness techniques will help you to stay accountable, and also allow you to better reach your health and fitness goals.


$50 per week

$150 per month