Three day Mindful Fitness Workshop

I N L A K ' E C H W E L L B E I N G , M O N A V A L E

September workshop running Saturday mornings from 07.09.19-21.09.19 // 9AM-12PM

Held in this stunning space in Mona Vale, this three day Workshop is held over three weeks, and will delve more deeply into the methods and values that make up OPT and the training method we have created known as Mindful Fitness.

In Lak’ech Wellbeing, Mona Vale

In Lak’ech Wellbeing, Mona Vale

Topics Covered

Meditation - you will learn meditation techniques and put them into practice at the beginning and end of each session. The benefits of meditating before and after exercise will be discussed.

Goal Setting and Self Compassion - healthy goal setting and self love will be covered. You will learn how your mentality toward your goals and yourself could be hindering your ability to achieve the things you are striving for.

Form and Posture - you will learn how to perform certain exercises with proper form and how this awareness of your body and posture can teach you to be more mindful and present in everyday life. You will put all of this into practice with a short exercise circuit. This part of the workshop will also cover how to identify common postural abnormalities and teach you simple exercises to correct them.

Yoga - you will be led through a short yoga workshop where you will learn more about certain poses and their benefits, and put them into practice in a yoga session.

Gratitude - the importance of gratitude will be brought into light and you will learn and put into practice some everyday techniques for using gratitude to transform your life.

Mindful Eating - there will be the opportunity to learn techniques for more mindful eating habits and how this can help you achieve your health and wellness goals and enjoy your food more. You will put this into practice with a fun mindful eating exercise.

The above will be taught through fun activities, discussions and physical practices.

Each session will start and finish with a meditation and involve some form of physical exercise.

Writing and discussing gratitude

Writing and discussing gratitude

There will be an opportunity to get to know everyone at the beginning of each session, and enjoy a coffee and a chat before we get stuck in. The workshop is designed to be fun, insightful, inspiring, active and social and you will leave feeling empowered and excited about achieving your goals but more importantly about your life as it is now!

All participants also receive an OPT goody bag!

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